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On October 27 th, join us at HackOHI/O—the Ohio State University's largest hackathon—for a weekend of building and creating real projects with awesome people. Shapiro. Date: 20th November 2018. I saw one on Teckiway I'll pull it out here Cool Hackathon Ideas: FIrst of all I'll start problems, join our hackathon on 14th – 15th April 2018. It's a Project(Python/Android) based on Object detection using Google's  29 Dec 2017 Business ideas for 2018: Hackathons & Startup weekends The most promising projects will be chosen to be incubated for three to nine  I will show you interesting Hackathon projects created by leading companies around the globe. To reiterate the efforts towards our PM’s vision, MHRD, AICTE, i4C, and Persistent Systems is proud to propose the 2nd edition of this initiative - Smart India Hackathon 2018. Enabling children to learn the basics of  A hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others, often including domain Then participants suggest ideas and form teams, based on individual interests and skills. A sandboxed device that encrypts messages using a minimalist set of hardware and software. The first APNIC Hackathon will be co-located with APRICOT 2018. The 8 Kinds of Projects You Meet at a Hackathon. According to the details on the event page, the Software edition will constitute of about 36 hours of ‘software product development competition’ while the Hardware Edition will have the teams work for 5 days to create their hardware solutions. Whether you are a competitive developer or a UI/UX expert, this three-day event is an ideal platform for you to interact with the government and unlock your potential to ideate, invent and develop. This is your opportunity to meet the Wikimedia tech community, 2018 Hackathon The Paris Peace Forum hackathon Experts, engineers, programmers and designers interested in global governance and financial transparency issues willing to bring a concrete expertise, to challenge their ideas with international experts and to present their prototype in front of a panel of leaders and potential partners or funders will meet at the Paris Peace Forum hackathon. Check out this theme from the ‘Hack for Good’ hackathon : “By taking part in this event or the entire series you will be helping build apps and make non-profit sites mobile-friendly around the world. Projects and Teams Hack-a-thon at DevCon 2018. The hackathon session was held on September 21st at the Sidewalk Toronto office at 307 Lakeshore Boulevard East, Toronto. At these major events, people come together to take an idea and turn it into something real using technology. My idea was to create a world map and place circles on countries  20 Sep 2016 This year's Destination Hack takes place in Singapore at Impact Hub from Here are five key pieces of the today's travel puzzle that should make for some compelling projects. The best projects come out as a result of fair competitiveness and that’s one aspect you’ll definitely find here. The first Social Hackathon in Umbria. y4pt. The HackDash was born by accident and by a need. Generate another idea. Over 750 undergraduate and graduate students will design, build, and demonstrate projects to a live audience of students, faculty, and representatives from tech companies. Hackathon projects can inspire a concerted amount of development effort on a focused project for a short period of time and can increase attention to a critical issue. Spread the love. Introduction. Get all the information FREE Startup Idea & Community Project Pitch Event! Ideathon  After the success of the 1st Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Montreal 2017, the hackathons around the world during the 2017-2019 and 2018-2019 seasons, Global Transport Hackathon series (http://www. Not only do you get to learn data science by applying it but you also get projects to showcase on your CV! Nowadays, recruiters evaluate The goal of this hackathon is to create a workflow that will input data from a spreadsheet into the form fields on the screen. Just bring your idea and it will have the best surroundings to fall into place I am going to my first college hackathon soon and was wondering what a good beginner project would be. I have collected and moderated these ideas from various public sources and put into one place so that problem solvers and solution developers may find inspirations. On the other hand, the Smart India Hackathon 2018 problem statements range from prediction of drought in a protected areas, sensor-based waste management and segregation, The Hackathon, a glorious two-day challenge event where members of the Busbud staff can collaborate together on important side projects and challenge ourselves on creating useful products in a short period of time. HackaDay is a mini hackathon limited only for the students in Vavuniya Campus to elaborate their innovative ideas to the audience. Logo. How to find app ideas for hackathons. On March 30 and 31, 2018, over 36 hours, 10,000 students representing 1,296 teams spread over 28 centres across the country will participate in the second edition of the Smart India Hackathon 2018. Afterwards the participants will work on their projects until Sunday afternoon. The early team formation process often makes or breaks a crush of programming fun, so we've  SIIM 2019 · SIIM 2018 Build the Future of Healthcare at the Hackathon at # SIIM19 . Having a groundbreaking hackathon project idea is probably the most important aspect Hackathon project ideas for an AI-focused challenge Mar 30, 2018. A 24 hour hackathon is not the time to build a full-featured product, so focus on the parts that you want to show in the demo, and only work on those. Hackathons tend to have a specific focus, which can include the programming language us 8 hackathon ideas for 0x protocol version 2 Improve Ethereum’s UX by implementing EIP712 support in a popular wallet or application, allowing traders to see exactly what they are signing. Leveraging internet of things technology, the system transmits the breed of arthropod species and sends the relevant data to the health authorities for further analysis. Location: Nokia Skypark SEPeers brought a lot of great ideas to pitch night for our first hackathon of 2018. The CytoData 2018 challenge will be a collaborative hackathon 💻, with participants forming teams to discuss and implement solutions to the problem. On September 24-25,  Discover #SHU2019. Technology is transforming the world of business. Learn about the SIIM Hackathon, the SIIM API Platform, and Data set, exchange ideas, and form teams with fellow hackathon After seeing the Hackathon in action, be sure to attend the Hackathon Project Showcase where Hackathon  At ConnHack 2018 you have the opportunity to network and interact with companies, professionals and students to jointly The teams with the best ideas can await a range of great prizes. Discover the projects selected to take part at # SHU2019! +  20 May 2016 We want to encourage new projects and ideas by these developers and other stakeholders to improve the lives of farmers and increase the  22 Aug 2018 August 22, 2018 10:06 AM PDT. The Wolfram Language and the technology around it have burst onto the hackathon scene, bringing with it the ability to do many amazing and unexpected things. Should I start with my project before the event? 25 Feb 2019 Student hackathons are a great destination for students to implement and Amrut Phadke for their fabulous project idea and implementation. The hack-a-thon is scheduled for Friday, October 5th, 2018. We just sent you a confirmation email. It was a great opportunity for me to learn a lot about Jenkins and Java 10. Hackathon teams can work on any type of project (web apps, mobile apps, wearable solutions, data visualizations, algorithms, even video presentations or visual mock-ups) however all of the hackathon prizes are sponsored prizes for teams that best utilize sponsor technology. Hackathons (hacking marathons) are events where a group of people work together on a pre-defined set of problems, intensively, for a period of a few days. We want to make this hackathon a success, particularly for people who spend the hackathon outside their technical comfort zone. 12 engineers from Sidewalk labs as well as 27 people from the community joined this event. More than two dozen scientists and researchers participated in the hackathon, a joint project of the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub (CZB), the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) and IGHS. Join developers, designers, and entrepreneurs for an annual Hackathon competition focused on elvating ideas + creating space Series challenges and prizes to inspire new ideas and motivate your project 2018 HACKcelerator Finalists  Smart India Hackathon 2019 is a nationwide initiative to provide students a platform Innovative ideas that help manage and generate renewable sources more  9 May 2019 Santander Hackathon 2018 Hack Make The Bank with RBS 2015 Access to new ideas & innovation: as hackathons are time-limited, they  Each hackathon group will be between 3-6 people, with each group working Pitch your idea (hack) if you'd like to or choose the project you would like to hack. I saw one on Teckiway I'll pull it out here Cool Hackathon Ideas: FIrst of all I'll start with why these ideas are cool Have you noticed that most winning hacathon ideas over the past few years solved a major problem? At the largest private hackathon on the planet, Microsoft employees fire up ideas by the thousands Last year, more than 18,000 people across 400 cities and 75 countries came together to bring world-changing new ideas to life at Microsoft's annual Hackathon, now celebrating its fifth, and busiest, year The HackDash was born by accident and by a need. On the other . In winter 2018, for their third year in a row, HackDavis will have over 700 students, hackers and creatives come together for 24 hours of hacking. After almost two days of hacking, on Sunday  projects. Fortunately, there are excellent resources to help you plan and prepare for the big event. e creativity, technicality, usefulness, scalability, and  HackDash: Ideas for a hackathon - HackDash hackdash. The idea is to provide more control to the user to customize search Reflecting on 2018 I consider end-of-year a time to reflect. Projects should have a clear question or problem they are trying to solve plus a reasonably specific proposed solution. Posted on July 23, 2018July 23, 2018 by. It was created for a 24-hour student hackathon. 5 ideas for hackathon projects I attend a lot of hackathons, considering either I’m organizing them or sponsoring them or covering them. Posted in INSPIRE Hackathon 2018 Projects TEAM 14: Analytical Map of Incidents Registered by the Municipal Police in Plzeň, Czechia Posted on August 29, 2018 by Tomas Mildorf Common Hackathon Projects. If you decide to continue working on it, you can always come back and fill in the missing pieces. May 21, 2018. The main theme of this year’s hackathon is Fintech with the goal to promote the development of financial technology for all consumers. Before we go, your first hackathon may feel overwhelming. At least make a symbolic gesture in order to show your attendees appreciation and recognition. The Wikimedia Hackathon is a major event that brings together developers from all around the world to improve the technological infrastructure of Wikipedia, particularly the MediaWiki platform on which it is based, and the Wikimedia code development. 10 Sep 2018 Our expert staff will vet their ideas, and then teams of up to four Think “hack” in the sloppy-creation sense of “hacking” a project together. Build apps and smart contracts using Blockchain and simplify various G2G, G2B and G2C services. NL, leaders in ORGANIZING INTERNATIONAL HACKATHONS in the agri-food sector. Do you have an idea how to make Skopje Old Bazar more sustainable, resilient and collaborative space? Skopje ROCK Hackathon 2018 is your chance to  20 Feb 2018 For HackCWRU 2018, a hackathon hosted at Case Western data scientists — get together for a weekend to work on projects for 24 or 36 straight hours. So, many of our teams decided to dive into blockchain during our hackathon, held Jan. S. The Developer Showcase unveiled new ways for developers to bring a more conversational, personal and useful intelligent assistant experiences to life. At a hackathon, you’re creating something from the ground up in 24 hours, whether it is hardware, software, an application or a website, notes Pergament, who has hung out at a few hackathons in the past year and has witnessed some memorable hacks. It would be advisable to provide a sort of a reward for the best project and team of your event. The official collegiate hackathon league. We were looking for a platform to track ideas through hackathons in the line to the Hacks/Hackers Media Party organized by @HacksHackersBA where hackers and journalists share ideas. Last year, more than 18,000 people across 400 cities and 75 countries came together to bring world-changing new ideas to life at Microsoft’s annual Hackathon, now celebrating its fifth year. It does not have to be something big or even financial. The 2018 edition of the Hackathon was organized in partnership with FARMHACK. They gather a large number of programmers in order to generate new ideas and applications. These hacks are usually simple ideas that have been shined and tweaked within an edge of their lives. About IDEAS. Featuring examples from TechCrunch, IBM and other leading brands. students from across North America on November 23rd to 25th, 2018. While the top 17 problem statements for the upcoming Hackathon have been exclusively released to Hindustan Times, the official release has been scheduled on Monday, November 6. Persistent Systems is organising the event with assistance from human resource development ministry and All India Council for Technical Education to get student participation. Maria Waida Nov 23, 2018 8:58:00 AM departments is a great way to make your hackathon projects more well-rounded and to guarantee company-wide engagement. Beware! Level 1: There are 7 fields and 20 rounds, the fields will change position on the screen after every submission and there will be some random popup’s with an instruction to click a button. ShareThis. Did you know Gmail was born from a hackathon project? Same goes for LinkedIn’s “Year in Review. ” Companies of all sizes and from all industries embrace hackathons as a way to foster Junction 2018. io Prize: $1000 in cash prize, plus a chance to win the “Agora. You may try these ideas on hackathons/competitions/research; some are quite intense problems and some are not. A big shoutout to DutchChain and their partners for organising the most… 2018 is poised to be a year of experimentation — and companies of all shapes and sizes are building plans for proof-of-concept (PoC) blockchain pilots. The challenge will run for two days only, so participants are encouraged to investigate and plan some solutions before the event starts 📝 . 2 The idea of a hackathon is diabolically simple: take the hundreds of ideas employees would on accessibility The list of successful projects include Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller,  Share Your Project Ideas. Global Blockchain Hackathon 2018 The Blockchain Hackathon contains a blockchain tech-knowledge That's the best way to pitch your project idea. Eleven different teams assembled to take on projects with goals ranging from automagically opening the office door to a drone that follows you, touching on a wide range of devices that comprise the Internet of Things (IoT). Menu. FIRST Hackathon 2018 The event will be moderated and FIRST will provide the project topics and wireless internet access, in addition to refreshments,  13 Apr 2012 Good hackathons usually start with good ideas. It's all about formulating your ideas computationally—then using the Wolfram Language to turn them into reality. Digital Day – The first day. On the first day of our hackathon, 150 high school students visited us for a variety of interactive workshops. Just bring your laptop, ideas, and energy to contribute – we promise a great event, Phabricator workboards: Wikimedia-Hackathon-2018 (add your projects,   1 Oct 2018 Learn how we organized a "Hack Week" hackathon at Buffer and how we did it remotely! Anyone at Buffer could add a project card with an idea or upvote an existing card to show support for . The Over-Polished Projects While the Polished Projects go above and beyond on idea and execution, the Over-Polished Projects go above and beyond on execution only. Hackathon project ideas for an AI-focused challenge Help those in need. For example, if someone plans to build a web app, they can explain what framework their using, tips for setting up a dev environment and tutorials so others can get familiar with the technology. Smart India Hackathon 2018 will have 2 sub-editions – Software as well as Hardware: Hackathon at ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Introduction. Filmmaking done easy. Data processing for hospitals. Put your feet up, enjoy your drink. The job cuts are part of a broader push by Nadella to streamline Microsoft’s product development, and change its culture. October 5, 2018 Hackathon. TESOBE brings a full Open Banking sandbox environment to the hackathon. RoboKoding. When I moved to I lost MANY hours during my hackathons to look for an idea. Apart from the potential to generate new products and features, the event is a chance for Nadella to focus employees on the future following a difficult couple of weeks — including the largest layoffs in Microsoft’s history. 0. The language I am most comfortable with is Java (I know up to basic OOP) and how to use the libraries if needed. December 2018 - with a buzz and excitement about collaborative projects solving   6 Mar 2018 When it comes to interesting hackathon ideas it's hard to overlook Easy Taxi, the United States to create incredible software and hardware projects. Share Your Project Ideas. A great question. As a melting pot of creativity, ideas, and skills, hackathons have helped in building some of the coolest apps of our times. Smart India Hackathon 2018: Students get an opportunity to crack 1,200 problems of the country with six centres that we had zeroed in to share their ideas and question them on their solutions The NDC Hackathon comprises: Pre-hackathon - pre-selection applicable to students from local colleges. About Blockchain Hackathon. The ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Hackathon is a one-day event that offers a unique opportunity for collaboration on the development of new ideas and software related to research topics presented in the SIGCOMM conference. org/projects/hackathon) in the Incubating Creative Ideas, Accelerating Innovative Ventures, Connecting  20 Feb 2017 In 2016, I participated in my first hackathon ever. Teams will have to upload their idea of solutions on MyGov Innovation. Because I wish to update it regularly, I have setup as a single page wiki. Nearly 500 people participated in the inaugural Accenture Global Connected Hackathon in November, in collaboration with Expo 2020 Dubai, combining urbanization and digitization to improve living conditions for people in need. Inspire your next hackathon with these 25 creative hackathon ideas. io Developer of the Year” award and a paid trip to Beijing in Sep 2018! HACKcelerator Prize The grand prize winning project from each hackathon will also receive an exclusive invite into AngelHack’s 12-week remote program, the HACKcelerator. Create a commit-reveal forwarding contract as described in this blog post . Find, compete, and earn points for your school at the largest, most diverse student hackathons in the world. ) in the street that lets people know about someone approaching on a bicycle or car if they’re preparing to cross the street and / or currently on the street. The goal of a hackathon is to create usable software or hardware with the goal of creating a functioning product by the end of the event. If you want to win your next hackathon, you'll have to bring the special sauce like these teams did. Our goal is to create a blockchain developer community to connect blockchain enthusiasts. Do you want to change construction industry? Join our Hackathon! During the weekend of April 20-22, 2018, you will co-create new innovative solutions for construction companies. provides grounds for many awesome and innovative ideas to turn into reality. I'm a compsci student in my junior year and I've never been to Hackathons. More importantly, it’s changing lives. List of Nodal Centre allotment for students participating in Smart India Hackathon 2018 Smart India Hackathon Nodal Centres 2018 Video Student's Innovation Ministry/Department State/Union Territory Sector Hackathon projects by big international companies. Our hackathon has three goals, according to ArcTouch CEO, Eric N. Tweet this page Participants worked hard on their air pollution mitigation projects for two days. Automate your office. Open Bank Project technology is by now the leading API technology for banks, and we use it to provide an existing stack of highly secure fintech APIs and access to data covering access to accounts, transaction history, payments, KYC and more, inline with recent EU Open Banking regulation (PSD2). It was awesome working with the Hackathon. org Inspire your next hackathon with these 25 creative hackathon ideas. A 28 hour coding experience at IBS premises to work on your projects and pitch ideas to a team of industry experts and mentors. As you already know by now, we as TheLedger won the Blockchaingers Hackathon 2018 track Digital Nation’s Infrastructure. Partners included Facbook, Daimler, Supercell, Mckinsey, Epic Games, Vkontakte, Ericsson and others. Last updated Oct 1, 2018. Envision your perfect demo and work backwards. Though I hope to slowly change that a bit, I’m no programmer. — Cal Hacks decided to challenge this notion with Cal Hacks 2. Mumbai, Budapest and Dallas helped usher in a new wave of innovative ideas through the theme of Wealth and Health. We spread the need through Twitter and that was the context of the HackDash born. Hackathons are a great way to increase brand awareness, engage with your community and source top tech talent. com team and I plan to partner with them for future projects to attract developers to the Samsung developer ecosystem. " Inside Microsoft’s hackathon: Big ideas and new traditions at a tech giant in transition. About 1300 participants from all over the world attended the hackathon. You have For instance, Wolfram Cloud has a Hackathon Project Generator; Hack Dash is a site dedicated to hackathon ideas; and, The Hackathon Handbook has a wealth of resources. List of themes in hackathons. The theme for AngelHack Hackathon Series 2018 Nepal is "Seamless of your project and talk through your idea, and 1 minute for Q&A from judges. As humans, health is our most important asset, at the Healthcare Hackathon it was brought to the foreground again with the help of technology and new ideas. 10 Jul 2018 Students who won top awards at Smart India Hackathon, 2018 Students from 41 teams submitted ideas for various problems like traffic At least 27 projects are at various stages of implementation and adoption by the  26 May 2018 Good Ideas? in Mesa will happen on May 26th 2018. One week ideation phase to prepare your project around leisure & business travel. Copernicus hackathon sparks air pollution avoidance ideas. Hackathon description. A hackathon is most commonly associated with hackers or computer programmers. After 24 hours of hacking our innovators stood before a large crowd of leaders and guests to present their ideas and prototypes all for the chance of winning the Investment prize. For instance, Wolfram Cloud has a Hackathon Project Generator; Hack Dash is a site dedicated to hackathon ideas; and, The Hackathon Handbook has a wealth of resources. As part of their hackathon presentation, the team created a model of a flytrap that uses blue light to attract mosquitoes. What can be said is that the project involves “a new paradigm we’re exploring in advertising,” says Jeff Ramos, who leads the Microsoft Garage, a program that includes the Hackathon as part of its mission to encourage all employees to take their ideas and bring them to life. The selected projects included a few internal improvement tools, including a conference room availability tool using sensors and a badge swiping system that tracks lunch and learn attendance for employees. 10 Amazing Hackathon Ideas. Mostly 'hacking' means coding, programming, software development - but there can be other creative activities involved. It is extremely important to maximize the following qualities in the projects at your event: Clearly articulated. This will help to first-year undergraduates to un… 1st Prize Posted by Major League Hacking | April 13, 2018 Changing the future of Data Science, Security, Education, and Society Learn how students at DandyHacks, [email protected] , Hophacks, and Hacklahoma are working on innovative solutions. 24 Jan 2019 The hackathon ideas of this year were judged based on the following 5 parameters i. Time: Saturday: from 9 am to 7 pm, followed by social event. . Junction 2018 was held on November 23-25th again at Dipoli, the main building of the Aalto University Otaniemi campus. . the event based on in-person presentation of the ideas and other factors. The Blockchain Hackathon contains a blockchain tech-knowledge comparison in the U. Projects Virtual hackathon Smart India Hackathon 2018 concluded yesterday. Themes will include hacking to help: Disaster and Emergency solutions – Not every project makes a good hackathon project. 02/06/2018 pitching ideas to senior business and technology leaders, creating new products, introducing new capabilities, and adopting new  5 Nov 2017 The 'Smart India Hackathon (SIH) 2018' is set to begin its feat into . For people who need motivation and hope in their business, hackathon projects can create this sense of possibility. However, while hacking typically involves computers, hackathons are primarily events where groups of people gather to “hack” an idea. Whether or not an idea is unique should be taken into consideration by judges and by hackers when brainstorming ideas. But not every idea that comes out of the hackathon is going to be worth taking  11 Oct 2016 Self-Claimed Flight Insurance, Cryptocurrency Index, File Storage Marketplace and Other Great Ideas from BHK2016. Some ideas are listed below, although other ideas of projects related to IPv6 are welcome  5 Jan 2015 ArcTouch staff identified 11 projects to undertake during our New Year Hackathon, many of which relate to the Internet of Things and home  14 Jun 2017 The other teams wowed judges with their ideas, too: City Park Project, designed to reduce congestion and make it safer to find parking in the  From April 5-7, 2018, EYA conducted a Social VR Hackathon in Salzburg in coooperation with the The theme: Digital and Tangible Projects in Social Space! They gave feedback and enriched the ideas with their expertise and experience. Just enough for you to wiggle around. Smart India Hackathon 2018: Here are the problems the hackathon will attempt to fix next year. @ Foligno COMPETING PROJECTS. Even though 2018 was the first year of WCE hackathon, we see the wave of helped students to get their projects on the way of getting patents for their ideas ”. Should not be the only feature of a project: Tinder, Uber, Airbnb for X; Sentiment analysis of either image or text; Facial recognition HackDavis is the first major collegiate hackathon at UC Davis completely run by students. Kicking off 2018 with 3 (great!) Hackathon Projects. 7-9 this year. Microsoft’s annual Hackathon is in full swing. – Thomas Südbröcker. Working in multidisciplinary teams, participants created tools and approaches to address the problems associated with mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, zika and yellow fever. Validate your email address to finish registration. Hackathons offer the opportunity to meet like-minded people, mentors, and potential investors. Three Hackathon Winning Ideas That Can Change the World. Hackathon Project #1: Audible or haptic incoming traffic warnings at intersections Team’s Project Description: An occupancy sensor (pressure sensor, camera, etc. Together with over 50 other enthusiasts, you will make your idea become a reality! A hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others, often including domain experts, collaborate intensively on software projects. Agora. On 1-3 June 2018, the EaP Civil Society Hackathon gathered in Minsk 67 civil society representatives, IT professionals and designers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to work on software projects that would enable civil society better contribute to reforms in their home countries. Halfak (WMF) 17:49, 2 January 2018 (UTC) (WMF, Scoring Platform team) Eric Grossi (HC-UFMG) Diego (WMF) (WMF, Research Team) Santosh Shingare (EC Wikimedia India) 13:48, 16 June 2018 (UTC) A "hackathon" is a social event where people come together for a short period of time to make a project, like an app or physical prototype. As always, we were stunned by the quality of the projects that came out of the hackathon, however four teams stood out. One of the winning projects from Okta’s 2018 hackathon involved correlating hardware-based signals to process authentication. Sacrifice the robots, save human lives. 4 Jun 2018 We're Team Parse, the winners of CUNY Hack Spring 2018, and here's our If you don't come with a team, have some sort of idea of what you want to Create a list of objectives that judges might be looking for in a project. 23 May 2018 At the First Deep Science Hackathon 2018 the winner is the idea about idea to be the most mature for implementation as a business project. But I also know little bits of python, html, and css. Step 5: Award the best project and the best team in the hackathon. 31 January 2018 / #Innovation Last weekend, we hosted Hack36, our first-ever hackathon at Motilal Nehru National Institute Not all the teams were able to implement their idea, but all of them did a commendable job during those 36 hours. Wikimedia Hackathon 2018. Their international experts assisted Berytech with the organization of the hackathon, and were on site to support and mentor the participants. A hackathon is a fun 24 or 36 hour event that brings together multi-disciplinary students with varying experience from across the nation together to create, innovate, and build a project all within one weekend. Here are the smart teams and their innovations. The phrases “Silicon Valley” and “hackathon” are often associated with building businesses, a conclusion that comes with various successful projects that sprout from the bay area, and the penchant for great ideas that sprout from hackathons. The initiative was a huge success. And over those three days, we achieved some great results. This article was originally published on October 26, 2016 and updated with new projects on 30th May, 2018. Discover what our team has come up with Ffor this first hackathon of the year. To get notified of new projects and blog posts, click on a project and subscribe at the bottom of the page Legal Aid Hackathon is supported by a Inspire your next hackathon with these 25 creative hackathon ideas. Attainable. The participants in the Instant Banking Hack Day work on creating new web and mobile applications to enhance the direct experience of users in four aspects: means of payment, Project Ideas. The event started at 9:30 am and finished around 7:00 pm. The hackathon featured JDK Project Jigsaw committers Mandy Chung and Paul Sandoz, as well as Jenkins creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi. Smart India Hackathon 2018 will have 2 sub-editions – Software as well as Hardware: Just like last year, the 2018 Hackathon was open to the entire organization, providing a great opportunity for people of different departments to work together on innovative projects that could These are project ideas and teams for the 2018 Global Virtual Hack-a-thon. So we are sharing this spreadsheet to help people get prepared in advance. “One project involved an application that helped people escape fires safely. Cambridge Bioinformatics Hackathon 2018 [version 1; not peer reviewed]. On top of that, individuals get the opportunity to join projects that involve work outside their usual job functions, which allows them to train different brain muscles and improve their abilities. The Female Health Hackathon takes place from 2nd – 4th of November 2018 (Friday-Sunday) at the Spreepalais in Berlin and is part of the Berlin Science Week. 0. The Hackathon chairs will offer a webinar to the participants prior to the event, where we will give a basic introduction to the team members, the logistics and discuss the proposed projects. I always wanted to go but I'm never able to get a good idea based on the themes  IJCAI 2018 Tutorial An AI Design Challenge Hackathon hosted by Iridescent Participants with compelling project ideas will be able to walk away with their  By Phil Wainewright September 12, 2018 The hackathon saw 150 developers working with Hasbro's R&D team, taking apart toys and pitching 40 projects. Smart India Hackathon 2018: Here are the problems the hackathon will attempt to fix next year Persistent Systems, a Pune-based IT company is all set to organise Smart India Hackathon 2018 next year in collaboration with AICTE, MHRD and i4c. Event Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018. The project is “allowing us to use our artificial intelligence capabilities, our machine learning capabilities, our neuro networks – all in a way to open up new opportunities for advertisers and for the people The Wolfram Language and the technology around it have burst onto the hackathon scene, bringing with it the ability to do many amazing and unexpected things. The Hackathon starts on Friday evening at 4:30 pm with keynote speeches. 29 Aug 2018 Category Archives: INSPIRE Hackathon 2018 Projects The main idea is to create an API for analysis and prediction of fuel consumption. A list of hackathon project ideas that have been done countless times before. These projects were to be judged by a panel, made up of Amine Issa (CEO of Mobalytics), Sharon Coone (Editor in Chief of Blitz Esports), and Chris Shaw (Riot API Product Owner). A "stupid shit hackathon" is an event where people come together to make projects that are bad, useless, terrible, and probably should have never been made. See how you can incorporate your local community, choose a winning theme, cater to under-represented groups and more. Data science projects offer you a promising way to kick-start your career in this field. hackathon project ideas 2018